About this blog…

Maven: an expert or connoisseur

musing: contemplation; reflection

A few years ago, I was contemplating a career change. Whilst on that journey, I had countless informal chats with a wide variety of people to get a better idea of the types of jobs and career paths they had taken. I met with someone new every day, simply to talk to them about their job, their profession, and their industry.

It didn’t take me long to realize that every person I met with had a nugget of wisdom to share with me. All the advice I received was too good to keep to myself. I have many friends and colleagues who are or have been in the same predicament as I was, trying to decide “what do I do next with my career?”.

I figured all of us can benefit from these little nuggets of wisdom, handed down to me by some very experienced and very successful people. I decided to write it all down to share with my friends, and what better way of doing it than via a blog? 

Now I have accomplished that career “make-over”, but that doesn’t mean I have stopped meeting interesting people. I still do, and they still proffer excellent career advice, and I still continue to share them.

So don’t delay, start reading all the fabulous hand-me-down nuggets of wisdom I have accumulated over the past few years.


3 thoughts on “About this blog…”

  1. This sounds like a great blog/project. I look forward to reading your discoveries.


  2. Ismael González de Diego said:

    Great novel value added approach Alexa!

    Looking forward to hearing from your experiences as you travel towards your ´perfect´ job. Hope it will be a short yet intense trip.

    All the best from Madrid,



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