About me, Miss Maven Muse…

I am, what some of my friends like to call, a Texican. It basically  means I’m a child of two cultures: Texas, where I was born and raised (yes, you are a Texan first and foremost) and Mexico, where my family is from and which borders my hometown.  It’s hard for people who didn’t grow up on the border to understand how someone can feel a part of two different nations without betraying one, but I feel like I’m both: American and Mexican.

My work life leans towards analytical whilst my extra-curricular activities have been very social. All of these experiences have led me to a great number of people, many of which were  incredibly helpful and generous in handing me down their nuggets of wisdom, be it during past job searches or with continued professional development…all of which have led to the creation of this blog 


5 thoughts on “About me, Miss Maven Muse…”

  1. Looks like a very interesting venture. Best of luck.


  2. Alexa, up until now I knew your social self rather than the working person. You have done a great job building your network; and the nuggets you share will be very usefull for us the readers/followers of your blog. You will accrue a lot of I owe you’s (or rather, you owe me’s)

    Good luck. I owe you one.


  3. Estos logros y los que están por venir son los que hacen de ti una persona excepcional, eso sin contar con tus cualidades de amiga y consejera.
    Buena suerte en el futuro, estoy orgullosa de haberte encontrado en mi camino.


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