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Friends, I have big news: I finally changed the URL for my blog, removing the “wordpress” so that now it is just


Yay! This is a big milestone for me and the blog 😀

Today’s nugget of wisdom, courtesy of my techie friends, is that YOU should be doing the same with your NAME. When the daughter of one of my friends was born (they work at Google), one of the first things they did was purchase her domain name. Your domain name would be

www. YOURNAME.com

If you don’t work in tech, chances are you haven’t given this much thought. But I strongly urge you to do so. In the not too distant future, having your own domain name will be a hot commodity. You want to get yours ASAP for a number of reasons, including

  1. CV’s/resumes will soon go virtual and you’ll be sending a link rather than an attachment;
  2. Protect your name: make sure no one else uses it for something bad or obscene.

Domain names are cheap right now: they cost 5-10 quid (or 7-15 bucks). Really, you have no excuse. I use GoDaddy, but there are several other domain name registrars out there. Here’s a really good article on lifehacker that sums up all these points.

At a minimum, you should customise your LinkedIn public profile URL and include that link on your networking cards and your CV. Your customised LinkedIn URL would look like this:

www. linkedin. com/in/ YOURNAME

which is much better than a super long link with random numbers and symbols. Instructions on how to do so here.

Bottom line: Register your name domain and customise your LinkedIn public profile. NOW.