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In my previous post, the nugget of wisdom was to stay two jobs ahead and work towards the job you want. Great for those that know where they’re going, not so great for those that don’t. My wise friend and I met up again and had a follow-up discussion about this. He shared another nugget of wisdom that can be followed by those that have no idea where they’re going next.

Focus on doing something you enjoy doing and the rest will come.

That sounds like that famous Field of Dreams quote “if you build it, they will come” (original quote was “if you build it, he will come”).  Any good business school student will tell you that’s not necessarily true. You need a product that people want or you need to create a need for a product that people don’t want.

What is true is that people excel at the things they like to do, so focus on developing that which you love. If it’s a skill that is in demand, the job offers will come. If it’s not, then figure out a way of making it relevant to employers.

Bottom line: Focus on what you enjoy.