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Remember my New Year’s resolution? Well, I’m happy to report that I have indeed been working on it and making significant progress! This also explains why I have been terribly neglectful of Maven Musings and haven’t had the time to write. But my blog is directly relevant to my project, so I’m back with a new post!

A few weeks ago I had a catch-up coffee with a friend, and eventually the conversation led to work and career. Turns out we do similar things work-wise, so we had a lot of tips to share with each other. My wise friend shared with me a nugget that someone had given him a few years back, and which he said was the best advice anyone had given him.


Work towards the job you want, not the one you will be getting.  

Chances are your next job won’t be exactly what you’re aiming for, which is ok. View it as a stepping stone, one that will bring you valuable skills and experience that will land you the job you want BUT always stay two jobs ahead. 

Nowadays you’re not expected to stay in your same job or even company for too long, in fact, many companies expect you to change roles after two to three years.  So take advantage of that, and use it to garner the expertise you will need for your next job. This is particularly relevant for those of you that know exactly what you want to do (a bit trickier for those that aren’t quite sure what your next move will be).

You don’t get that dream job overnight, it takes time to get there. When you finally do, don’t become complacent. Start planning for your next move.

Bottom line : Always stay two jobs ahead.