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I recently had lunch with a friend who had just started a new job. He made the switch from one big bank to another (even bigger) bank. As we were talking, he gave me a great piece of advice. I told him I had to hand down this nugget of wisdom via my blog! He asked to remain nameless, so for now, let’s simply refer to him as the Banker. His tip was this:

Don’t spam your CV.

If you give out your CV too freely, everyone will know you are looking. With that, you put yourself at risk of appearing desperate. Not to mention your boss might find out! This is particularly relevant with headhunters. The Banker advises that until you’ve met with a headhunter in person, don’t send them your CV. Be selective and make sure that you want him/her to represent you.

Simple yet insightful advice.

It sounds a bit like dating. If you appear too eager, the object of your desire may lose interest. You have to play hard to get.

Bottom line: Be coy when you are job hunting.