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Today is the last day of January, so I have just enough leeway to wish you a Happy New Year. How are you doing with those New Year resolutions? It’s the end of January, so you’re probably not as enthusiastic about them as you were a couple of weeks ago (if you made any at all, as the fashionable thing these days is to simply not make New Year resolutions).

To give you a little bit of encouragement, let me provide you with a nugget of wisdom from Mary Bussell, who was a panelist at last year’s Georgetown Women in Business event. Mary’s advice reflects her diverse professional experience: she has worked as a banker, a strategy consultant, a nurse and is now a professor.

Think outside the box.

Simple advice but oh so valid. The increasingly competitive and changing work environment means that we have to be able to re-invent ourselves repeatedly.

Five years ago would you have ever imagined that there are now companies which dedicate themselves solely to managing social media for its clients? Who knew? I certainly never would have imagined that one could make money by posting status updates on Facebook.

Sometimes we get focused on a particular sector or role. There are so many other jobs outside of the traditional ones we learn about at school. Use your imagination and you might end up doing something you really enjoy.

Bottom line: Think outside the box.