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Dear Readers, I’m sorry for my absence, but I have a really good excuse, one that’s kept me quite busy.

I started a new job on the 15th of September! After countless meetings, several interviews and numerous nuggets of wisdom, I found a job which I’m pretty excited about.

My job search has been like driving down a long and windy road, hitting some bumps and a few dead-ends, but picking up several tips along the way. After this lengthy yet enriching road trip, I now have my own nugget of wisdom to hand down to you.

I was referred to the person who eventually became my boss via a person who I have to come consider as my mentor (and whom I will write about in future posts). After the introduction was made, I met with my (future) boss for an informal chat and general career advice. Despite his busy schedule, he took one hour out of his day to meet with me and listen to my story. And so I talked, and talked, and talked. I told him about my work experience, but I also told him my ambitions, with no qualms. A few months later, we met again because he had an idea he wanted to share with me. Turns out that idea was that I apply for a job opening in his organization. I obviously did, and now I’m excited as can be to have such a great new job.

The lesson I learned from all this is the following:

Don’t tell people what you think they want to hear, tell them your true career aspirations.

I went on a networking binge during my job search, and many times, when asked what kind of job I was looking for, I told people what I thought they wanted to hear. Not only is this tiresome (trying to read people’s minds is not that easy!) but it can also be a bit detrimental as you could end up in a job you don’t really like. I know, in this economy you can’t be picky, but you have absolutely nothing to lose by telling people what you really want to do.

Bottom line: Don’t be afraid to share your dreams, somewhere down the line, someone will help you make them come true.